Iowa City Family Portraits│Finkebine Golf Course│Montgomery

ONE of my favorite things is working with a family for years...I feel old but I have been taking pictures for the Montgomery family since 2013. I was still learning the ropes at that time and almost said NO to her request to photograph little Jett's newborn pictures (why? because he was over 14 days old hahahha...i laugh now). What a missed opportunity that would have been because this family is seriously one of the best out there. 

Want to see how their family has changed and grown? Click HERE to see their first family pictures we did together! And of course one of the best parts of this session was riding around in a golf cart with all of these guys while photographing at Finkbine's beautiful golf course!!!

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Cedar Rapids Family Pictures│Mercer

"It's not how big the house is, it's how happy the home is..."

Just have to give a shout out to this family! They were incredible to work with and were willing to try anything! Also, if you are a like this guy, get in front of the camera for your family and rock it! The session will be a lot more fun than you think and I promise I won't make you work too hard ;)

If you are interested in booking your family HERE!

Cedar Rapids Professional Dance & Ballet Photography│Kiana C

"There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them!" - Vicki Baum

Downtown Cedar Rapids was transformed into this ladies personal dance studio (and professional dancing soaredto new heights...literally ;).  Dancing is huge in Kiana's life, so incorporating it into her Senior pictures was a must. It was a blast and definitely gave me a new perspective on just how hard dancing actually is. Also, me trying to explain/"show" how to do the moves for the camera, was like speaking a different language...Trust me guys, leaping and looking graceful is not my forte. SO, without further ado...take a peak as some of my favorite dancing portraits from her session!

If you are an Eastern Iowa dancer, I would LOVE to photograph you! Check out this session "dancing in a greenhouse" and feel free to contact me HERE!

Marion High School Football Senior Pictures│Jacob Maloney

Every year I get to try something different in the photo world...such as photograph these fishing pictures while trying not to fall into the water. Jacob is a professional in the fishing world and competes every year in numerous competitions both regional and national. Pretty much, he makes being on the water look easy.

Jacob also has been one of the stars of the Marion High School Football team and we were able to get to photos of him out on the field doing his thing. There should be a "behind the scenes video for me trying to tell him how I wanted him to stand and what to do with the football. Too many sports terms that I am so unaware of and have no clue how to communicate :)

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