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I have had the privilege of working with Amanda, for some of my Eastern Iowa high school senior sessions and she is amazing! We met at a wedding a few years ago and hit it off! Since I love makeup, I thought it would be fun to have her share some everyday makeup tricks that can also be great when getting ready for your own photo session. And if you are looking for a beauty fix, spa essentials or some airbrushing...Amanda is your girl (she has the coolest little studio too that is inspiration in itself :)

"Greetings Beautiful, my name is Amanda Pence. I live in Cedar Rapids with my husband and two children. I started Far Above Rubies Spa 5 years ago. I received my Esthetic and Makeup Artist License at the Aveda Institute in Houston, Texas 15 years ago. This career has given me the opportunity to be a part of women and young ladies special occasions to not only be able to make them feel more beautiful on the outside but also encourage their understanding of their beauty within. The services I provide are customized facials, full body waxing, airbrush makeup for events, personalized makeup lessons (you bring your own products from home), and spray tans.


3 Everyday Makeup Tricks:

1.) The most important trick with makeup is to put it on skin that is well exfoliated and hydrated.

2.) If I could give a second trick it would be to focus on lighting and brightening the eyes. A good concealer can be like a magic wand for that sleep deprivation. You want to apply in the corner of the eyes onto the lid, and underneath up to the lash line. Always using your ring finger or pinky to apply. They are the weakest fingers to use for that delicate area.

3.) A third trick would be to frame those eyes. You can do this by filling in your brows. As we grow wiser :-), our hair begins to thin. So to add more youth and vibrancy to those glowing eyes, just grab an eyeshadow that is a matted tone. You want it to be a shade (you can use two tones that are close in shades to add some dimension) that is close to your hair color on your head. It doesn't have to be perfect, just close. I prefer an angled eyeliner brush to apply so you can flip-flop as needed. 

3 Favorite Products:

This was hard to narrow down. I am partial to my skincare and the makeup I offer at my spa. I have used lots of products over the years and really love these.

1.) Glo Therapeutic's Brightening Polish to slough off dead skin.

2.) Glo Therapeutic's Cytoluxe Hydration Serum. This is great for hydrating all over the face including the eye area and great for any skin type.

3.) Glo Mineral's Camouflage. An excellent creamy, little goes a long way concealer. 

3 Tips of What Photographs Well:

1.) Start with a primer (Glo minerals has a great one), this helps with the makeup not settling into any lines. Then using a little bit of a heavier coverage then you maybe would normally use with a warm (yellow) undertone. This is very flattering to the skin on camera. Stay away from HD makeup for snap photos. This kind of makeup isn't intended for photo shoots, more like movies etc. 

2.) Stay away from Spf's. Whether it's in your moisturizer or foundation. Do not use for the day of photos. They create a white backdrop on camera, not what you want.

3.) Mattify that T-zone. And be very careful with the shimmer on the eyes. Too much shimmer creates what can appear to be greasy on camera. Not likely to give that dewy look you might be going for. 

Further advice on getting your makeup professionally done...

Booking can never be done too far in advance. Airbrush is fantastic for lasting all day so feel free to plan for an application hours before your event. Prepping for your make up appointment could include you bringing photos of Looks you like, what you're wearing for that day, what you do not want, and if you have a favorite lipstick and/or gloss. Also prior to coming, exfoliating and moisturizing is very helpful for the finish look."


Amanda Pence 



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