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"Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, impossible to forget" -G. Randolf

Catching up on social media and blogging is going to be the death of me. Last year was a whirlwind of learning how to manage a business and becoming a Mom...easier said than done. If anyone has some tips on time management while having a baby in the home, I am all ears. Saying this, blogging was put on the sidelines while I figured out a new flow for life. No, I did not quit photography (a lot of people have been asking me that haha) and I am currently booking up for this Spring and Summer.

Now to the good stuff. Believe it or not, half of this session (the field part) was photographed in a ditch. Yes, one perk of country Amana, Iowa, are the useful ditches that make perfect backdrops. Thank you, Hannah, for having these locations ready (the advantage of one photographer photographing another photographer hah...that was like writing a tongue twister).

Hannah & Amanda have been besties for years and wanted to document their friendship before one of them moved away to a new state. This great idea turned into an awesome session and of course, they made it easy peasy!

• Caitlyn Barkalow •

Pink Flower Photography based in Iowa