Marion Iowa High School Senior Pictures│Jon B

Let's be honest...most high school senior guys that I know in Eastern Iowa, are not super thrilled about having pictures done their senior year. I've been told before a session that it's a bore, embarrassing, ridiculous and just not what they want to spend their day doing. After a session though, I have also been told that they actually had *cough cough* FUN?!?

Personally, I like photographing "guy" high school senior portraits because I enjoy the challenge of trying to get a genuine smile and of course a little laughter. Seeing as I have known Jon for quite some job was a little easier. And I have to say that he killed it..I mean how many guys can rock out suspenders like him?

Any Cedar Rapids or Marion high school senior boys out there dreading to get your senior pictures taken? Well, look no further...a session with us is not only fun but EASY and honestly way shorter than those 5 hour long senior gals ;)  Contact us HERE! If this post isn't enough to convince you...just do it for your mama and make her happe :)