The Oil Life


►Why I started using Oils◄

Guys, I used to make fun of those people that used oils...I had so many jokes about it up my sleeve. I may have to ask for forgiveness after I tried them and become an addict. The real question is why I actually randomly tried them?

1. I found my little boy in the kitchen, in my chemical cabinet with a bottle of Windex. After I had my initial heart attack and tried to decide if he had actually drank some of it or not...I knew some things needed to change!  Insert...non-toxic Thieves Cleaner! It was love at first use and I haven’t looked back!

2. Cancer! Seriously, cancer is rampid in my family...especially breast cancer. I have lost those dear to me and refuse to let cancer win. Chemical free living can support wellness. Did you know that most women start their day off applying 80+ incredibly toxic, cancer causing, hormone disrupting chemicals via makeup & hair products? I didn't know that either...sigh we are surrounded!

3. Brain Relaxation! Anybody else struggle with turning the thinking OFF when you want to go to bed?! Cue the angels singing...I roll my sleep serum on my wrists and head every night!

4. Maintaining Happy Hormones! Need I say more?

►Kick those toxins in the butt◄

DITCH & SWITCH - Step one is download the free app 'Think Dirty' and start scanning products in your home. Look at the chemicals that are causing problems and switch them out! Below are just a few of what I have ditched and switched:

Windex, 409, Lysol, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles etc --- Replace all of these with ONE product "Thieves Cleaner" Non-toxic, smells like Christmas, drink water if ingested!

Support head pressure --- Peppermint oil or M-Grain on temples.

Maintain happy digestion --- Digize or Tummygize rubbed on the stomach or via capsule.

Candles --- Diffusers = AMAZING. You get to create your own scent and don't have to worry about "paraffin wax, which creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned (both are known carcinogens).



►Why Young Living◄

  • YL has been around for 20+ years and I believe have really been the forerunners in the oil industry
  • Seed to Seal  = owning many of their own farms, partnering with certified hand selected suppliers, organic chemical free plants
  • Not using fillers and chemicals in oils...100% oil filled to the top of the bottle. Many oils you buy at the store have a small % of oil and large % of chemical fillers that can be dangerous. Many also use the plant left overs...making their oil low quality. 
  • They give back & support many humanitarian projects around the world
  • The generosity is amazing with YL. They are always giving and going above and beyond for their customers
  • Monthly subscription box options. Who hates grocery shopping? ME! Have your oils sent to your door monthly & receive MONEY BACK with every's a win win in my book!
  • Financial Freedom! After I got over my reluctance to join what I deemed as ‘crazy oilers,’ I was introduced to the opportunity to share my love of oils & at the same time receive compensation. My oils are now paid for monthly & our checks are pushing us towards the freedom to move, travel & bring my husband home from work! Here is YL's income disclosure for you to check out  - click HERE! (results will vary)